Snow White Snow

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Starting from today and until January, 4th 2010, snow is going to fall on this blog.

O’ sweet winter magic… ;-)

Many thanks to WordPress team for this gift !

Talking about snow, below are 12 of my favourite ‘snowy’ wallpapers coming from deviantArt :

‘Just… snow’ by efilArt

The Cold Days by imINQI

‘The Cold Days’ by myINQI


‘Chill’ by wirestyle

Sheeps Winter Games

‘Sheeps Winter Games’ by bsign

Winter Park

‘Winter Park’ by jennyriot

Where snowflakes are born

‘Where Snowflakes Are Born’ by vladstudio

First Snow

‘First Snow’ by thienbao

Polar Bears are Dry Clean Only

‘Polar Bears are Dry Clean Only’ by mree

Emerald Dream

‘Emerald Dream’ by myINQI

The Passage

‘The Passage’ by isilmetriel

Winter Wallpaper

‘Winter Wallpaper’ by emats


‘Alpinestars’ by Warpfuz


B. like Basic, Beautiful. or Boix.

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Cargo Collective is a refreshing source of constant quality design. Don’t believe me ? Just pass your cursor through their front image to be wooshed by an overwhelming set of intringuing designs.

Anyway, I’ve just discovered there the work from Erola Boix, a Spanish, formerly Barcelona-based designer currently moving to New York. Below are some excerpts from this designer’s portfolio, that you have to visit, unless you absolutely want to miss a lovely, sleek, inventive, minimalist and beautiful digest of inspiring and inspired work combining inventive typography and aerial visuals.

Andbanc brochure


Targetes Ona


I definitely like when people dare to be creative.

When art meets creativity meets productivity

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Sometimes you just can’t resist…

Ommwriter screen capture

The other day, digging into the depth of the Mac OS X part of iusethis,  I found a wonderful piece of art. Well, no, wait, of software. Well, no, wait, of both, actually.

Herraiz Soto & Co‘s Ommwriter takes you on a journey. A journey into the land of… your thoughts. Push the door… You’re outside, snow is everywhere. And there, not so far away, waiting for your thoughts making ’em flourish again, two trees. Sit back and just hear the birds, the bells, the rain. See ? Now creativity is here, you can feel it coming, you can hear its leaps in the snow, slowly approaching. It took human form. It is a Muse. Let her sit back near you. Take a deep breath… Your fingers are on the keyboard, let them start the dance.

Ommwriter is the most beautiful, distraction-free writing app I’ve ever met for years.

UI is sleek, refreshing, minimalist and intuitive.

Watch the beautiful introductory video on their official site and give this software a try, you won’t regret it.

Oh, and by the way, their Twitter account recently tweeted some words from Douglas Adams, one of my favorite authors. One more reason to love their stuff ;-)

So, everybody with me : Ommmmmmmmmm…

Ommwriter is freeware, Mac OS X only, still in beta, but incredibly mature. A simple, elegant text processor that won’t probably replace your power-user text processor if you absolutely need complex features hidden in obscure menus cluttered with eye-catching toolbars. But if you’re looking for a distraction-free app to capture the essence of your thoughts, you’ve just find the right one.

Chaotic, maybe, but with Soul, for sure

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“This is the story of a guy and a theme.”

GeeArKo is a WordPress blog using the wonderful – almost as if it was designed to fit my logo – ChaoticSoul theme designed by Bryan Veloso. Read his refreshing blog, learn the story behind the theme and find where this theme is used most. Yes. Really. OMG.

Poor Bryan.

Lennie: You’re the Internet’s number one non-pornographic site.

Carl: Which means you’re ten trillionth overall.


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I’m in a constant search for the most beautiful wallpapers on the web.

You too ?

Be sure to take a look at Desktopography then.

Below are some of my favorites from the 2009 exhibition.

Paper Planes

Paperplane by Chris Koch.

Desltopography by Mart Biemans

Desktopography by Mart Biemans.

No Place by Kode

No Place by Kode.

Filling the World by Niklas Lundberg

Filling the Void by Niklas Lundberg

Urban Environment by Craig Shields

Urban Environment by Craig Shields

It wasnt enough by Kobe Abdo

It wasnt enough by Kobe Abdo

K is for Klein, too

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Manfred Klein

Manfred Klein is a wonderful, inspired and inspiring, font designer, sometimes depicted as the Mark Twain of type.

Nilland is one of my favorite fonts. This blog’s header uses it.

You should take a look some of his fonts and his personal website.

So now you have one more reason why K is better than C ;-)

Why K ?

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Why not ?

Welcome to this my new first blog.

Dedicated to… geekeries, [digital] art [life] & co. ko.

it's all about the K

So, why K ?

K. is for Kreativ, Kolossal, Kollektiv, Knowledgeable… K is the Key.

This blog is not just another WordPress blog… so why bother being like the others ? why C where K is Kooler ?

K also stands for Kelvin. Another way of measuring temperature.

Another way… Hope GeeArKo will lead you to another way of browsing. Another way of reading. Another way of discovering. Another way of thinking.

More ideas about what K stands for ? Please let me know in the comments !

Dare to be creative.

Enjoy ;-)