Why K ?

Why not ?

Welcome to this my new first blog.

Dedicated to… geekeries, [digital] art [life] & co. ko.

it's all about the K

So, why K ?

K. is for Kreativ, Kolossal, Kollektiv, Knowledgeable… K is the Key.

This blog is not just another WordPress blog… so why bother being like the others ? why C where K is Kooler ?

K also stands for Kelvin. Another way of measuring temperature.

Another way… Hope GeeArKo will lead you to another way of browsing. Another way of reading. Another way of discovering. Another way of thinking.

More ideas about what K stands for ? Please let me know in the comments !

Dare to be creative.

Enjoy ;-)


~ by Peyaz (GeeArKo's owner) on November 29, 2009.

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