When art meets creativity meets productivity

Sometimes you just can’t resist…

Ommwriter screen capture

The other day, digging into the depth of the Mac OS X part of iusethis,  I found a wonderful piece of art. Well, no, wait, of software. Well, no, wait, of both, actually.

Herraiz Soto & Co‘s Ommwriter takes you on a journey. A journey into the land of… your thoughts. Push the door… You’re outside, snow is everywhere. And there, not so far away, waiting for your thoughts making ’em flourish again, two trees. Sit back and just hear the birds, the bells, the rain. See ? Now creativity is here, you can feel it coming, you can hear its leaps in the snow, slowly approaching. It took human form. It is a Muse. Let her sit back near you. Take a deep breath… Your fingers are on the keyboard, let them start the dance.

Ommwriter is the most beautiful, distraction-free writing app I’ve ever met for years.

UI is sleek, refreshing, minimalist and intuitive.

Watch the beautiful introductory video on their official site and give this software a try, you won’t regret it.

Oh, and by the way, their Twitter account recently tweeted some words from Douglas Adams, one of my favorite authors. One more reason to love their stuff ;-)

So, everybody with me : Ommmmmmmmmm…

Ommwriter is freeware, Mac OS X only, still in beta, but incredibly mature. A simple, elegant text processor that won’t probably replace your power-user text processor if you absolutely need complex features hidden in obscure menus cluttered with eye-catching toolbars. But if you’re looking for a distraction-free app to capture the essence of your thoughts, you’ve just find the right one.


~ by Peyaz (GeeArKo's owner) on November 30, 2009.

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